Custodian Closed Your Cross-Border Investment Account?

    Is your wealth management firm closing your investment account because you are a non-resident? You are not alone. Many U.S. investment companies and custodians have made a choice to no longer work with expats or non-residents who live outside of the U.S. Most do not have the proper licensing, registration or the desire to adhere to the ongoing compliance rules associated with working with a non-resident of the U.S.
    Do you work with a cross-border financial advisor? We can help.

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Who is Cardinal Point Wealth Management?

Cardinal Point is a cross-border wealth management company that specializes in working with expatriates of the U.S. and Canada. Whether you are a Canadian living in the U.S., an American living in Canada or a Canadian or U.S. citizen living abroad, we can help provide customized investment management, tax, financial and estate planning solutions.

For those Canadians and Americans moving or living abroad, careful cross-border financial planning considerations must be given to ensure tax and regulatory compliance in both your home and adopted countries.

The implementation of a proper investment and financial plan requires thoughtful analysis that protects your estate while living abroad but offers the flexibility if and when you were to return home to Canada or the United States. Cardinal Point assists Canadian and U.S. expats with the following:

  • Advice on assets that should transfer abroad or remain in your native country
  • Management of investment accounts that remain in Canada or the United States
  • Advice on Canadian and U.S. retirement distribution strategies while residing abroad
  • Tax planning exit strategies to prevent tax residency questions or issues
  • Holistic advice on cross-border financial and estate planning
  • Incorporation of U.S. gift and estate strategies within the financial plan
  • Assistance with cross-border tax planning strategies, including annual foreign account disclosure filings
  • Guidance on retirement benefits, such as CPP, OAS, Social Security and Medicare
  • Assistance with currency conversion
  • Residential and commercial real estate advice
  • Financial transition planning when returning to Canada or the United States
  • Assistance with the preparation of Canadian and U.S. tax returns
  • Health, life, disability, long-term care, business and property insurance review

Cardinal Point provides personally tailored investment management services for expats with U.S. and Canadian investment accounts. Investment strategies are customized to our clients’ risk tolerance and goals and then we work to fully integrate them into their tax, financial and estate planning initiatives.

At Cardinal Point, we create and oversee integrated cross-border investment portfolios suited for expatriates that include all types of accounts in both Canada and the U.S. The core of Cardinal Point’s strategy is a rigorous and time-tested investment philosophy. Our disciplined approach understands that diversified security selection paired with appropriate risk can help achieve a client’s long-term goals. We employ the “core and satellite” investment philosophy which is followed by many experienced institutional investors and ultra high net-worth families. The core component seeks to capture asset class returns. It is structured with cost-effective and tax-efficient index funds and/or exchange traded funds (ETFs).The satellite component offers further diversification and enhanced return potential through the utilization of active management and/or alternative strategies.

At Cardinal Point, we guide our clients through a full range of Canadian, U.S. and cross-border tax planning strategies. These strategies are designed to minimize our clients’ tax liabilities, maximize their cash flow, and help them to realize their financial goals.

Our tax planning initiatives are fully integrated with our clients’ investment, financial and estate planning strategies. This coordinated approach to wealth management streamlines the financial planning process and helps our clients ensure lasting wealth for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

Our cross-border and expat taxation services also include tax preparation and tax compliance for clients living, working, investing, transitioning residency and/or conducting business in the U.S. and Canada or abroad.

Whether you are a Canadian or American living cross-border or abroad, Cardinal Point can handle all aspects of your tax needs to ensure you comply with the relevant tax laws and regulations in Canada and the U.S.

At  Cardinal  Point,  our  full  range  of  financial  planning  strategies  can  help  you  build  a  clear  roadmap  for  the  future  that  is  guided  by  both  your current financial situation and your aspirations. We start by helping you define and quantify your financial goals and then create a practical, step-by-step plan to help you reach them.  Our financial planning  service  combines  our  investment  management process with your short- and long-term objectives, your exposure to risk, and your estate plan.

Through a highly collaborative process, we develop multiple life scenarios so that you can better understand the financial implications of your choices. Our team of cross-border financial planners and tax professionals work in coordination throughout the process to ensure no stone is left unturned when addressing all aspects of your financial planning requirements.

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